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1.) A mass of feces, alcohol (typically Jack Daniels) and Creole food, or any extremely spicy ethnic food, that expels from the anus typically between the hours of 6am to 8am.

Flaming Squirrels give the excruciating sensation of a live animal with sharp teeth and claws that has been set aflame and wants out of your asshole... now.

The Flaming Squirrel is always followed by hours of headache, stomach pains and extremely sore, burning and tender butthole.

2.) A small fuzzy mammal that has been set on fire.
1.) "We went to that Creole place last night, ate the gumbo and got hammered on Jack and Cokes. When I got up this morning, I shit a Flaming Squirrel."

2.) "This Flaming Squirrel shot out of my ass this morning. I had to moisten the toilet paper to put out the fire."

3.) "I took a Flaming Squirrel before work. My stomach aches, my head is banging and it feels like my leather doughnut has been dipped in battery acid."
by Ape Creature February 24, 2011
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