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its a way of taking a shot of absinthe. u pour a shot of absinthe into a wine glass. after that u turn the glass side ways without spilling the absinthe. then u get a lighter and set it on fire. at that point u let it burn for a second then turn the wine glass upside down into a regular glass. u keep the wine glass on there for a second. this is when all the gases from burning the absinthe will rise to the top of the wine glass and be traped. then, real quickly u remove the wine glass and place it on a napkin that has a straw under it. right after you do that u take the shot of absinthe from the glass. as soon as ur done with that u suk in the gases through the straw thats under the wine glass. this gives you an experince that hardly nuthing can match.
Hey Jordan that Flamin J got me pretty good last nite.
by Flamin J February 16, 2009
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