He's kind of a idiot.
Lazy mofo irl.

And when he is with his friends..

I quote

..do not underestimade the stupidity of morons in a large group.
It can be highly dangerous..
-Dude, stfu.
No, u stfu
-Fuck you.
Fuck you 2
-Want a beer?
by Ryan Mearns September 10, 2003
Top Definition
the sickest, or tha hottest, song, clothes, anything,
Yo the song Jay Young did was flamez!!
by Jay Yeezy July 10, 2008
He's the best person to hang out with.
And he's funniest, when he is drunk
-Flamez: Hey girl, what r u doing tonight?
-Guy: Im a guy..
-Flamez: o.
by David D. September 08, 2003
The guy that acts cool !
But isnt.
Owned mate =D
by Carbuncle September 10, 2003
The REAL Ultimate Life form.
He is a Bio-Hedgehog
He wants to take revenge on Shadow the Hedgehog
He first apperaed in The Sonic game hack; Project:Flamez
Flamez is the Real ultimate life form
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