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He's the best person to hang out with.
And he's funniest, when he is drunk
-Flamez: Hey girl, what r u doing tonight?
-Guy: Im a guy..
-Flamez: o.
by David D. September 08, 2003
3 5
the sickest, or tha hottest, song, clothes, anything,
Yo the song Jay Young did was flamez!!
by Jay Yeezy July 10, 2008
2 3
The guy that acts cool !
But isnt.
Owned mate =D
by Carbuncle September 10, 2003
1 4
He's kind of a idiot.
Lazy mofo irl.

And when he is with his friends..

I quote

..do not underestimade the stupidity of morons in a large group.
It can be highly dangerous..
-Dude, stfu.
No, u stfu
-Fuck you.
Fuck you 2
-Want a beer?
by Ryan Mearns September 10, 2003
1 4
The REAL Ultimate Life form.
He is a Bio-Hedgehog
He wants to take revenge on Shadow the Hedgehog
He first apperaed in The Sonic game hack; Project:Flamez
Flamez is the Real ultimate life form
4 18