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A poster on a: forum, youtube video, comment section, or photo gallery who starts or joins a flame war of arguing/flaming one another in a comment section.

Commonly found on youtube from critic comments, or from a troll's comment/post. In the Example below:User C is a secondary flame soldier, while user B is the primary flame soldier. User A is "possibly" a troll.

User D is the "smoke alarm" who points out the flame war.
Youtube user A: Wow, this video sucked
user B: Dude! STFU! U don't know real music!
User A: wow, its caleed being a critic, so shut up homo.
User B: Who are you calling a homo? You can't even type right!
User A: At lest I dont wtch pr0n all dae!
User C: Your "critic" side sucks anyways!!! I r 1337, u n00b. That wer awesome!
User D: wow... call in some more flame soldiers, we have a flame war... -.-
by nice2835 March 06, 2010
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