the pulling down of ones pants in which the penis is exposed.
While dunking a basketball, josh flamboozled tom dean.
by keith April 15, 2004
Top Definition
To baffle. Used in a 'human vs. human' mental standoff. Inanimate objects and abstract concepts cannot flamboozle someone. I don't think animals can be flamboozled, either. However, they may possess the ability to flamboozle.
Willie flamboozled the thieves that were chasing him by hiding in a dumpster but leaving a trail of footprints leading into an adjacent apartment.
by Phil Errup October 20, 2004
(v.) to seal one's lips and blow against another's skin, producing a fart-like sound.
My baby giggles when flamboozled.
by Another Borges May 24, 2016
A slang word for an alcoholic drink.
God! Look at her. She's downing
the flamboozle all right!
by A January 31, 2005
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