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the awkward piece of skin between your thumb and pointer finger
"dude, my flagina is so itchy."
"i know, so is my weenis."
by NeverWouldveGuessed August 26, 2009
A mutated vagina with a tail/flagella instead of a clitoris.
Steve: I was getting down on Laura last night and she had a tail on her vagina.
Larry: I didn't know she has a flagina.
by DrPolo June 16, 2013
Thine hole betwixt thine legs through which the floundering occurs.
"I was floundered so hard this morning that now the edges of my flagina are sore!"
by WhatTheQuan September 16, 2011
A vagina that has a considerable amount of flabbiness to it.
Usually found on a female who gets around town.
"damn man, this bitch has been with so many dudes her pussy was a damn flagina."
by Big Timmy July 16, 2005
A very moldy brown vagina..... sometimes looks like a rotten banana that is very loose.
Jenna has a flagina that flaps in the wind.
by ORENT August 10, 2007

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