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Abs that have fat on them. They are like flubber abs.
Dude, lets go work out and turn our flabs in to abs.
by despicableme January 29, 2011
8 3
Excess skin on overweight people.
Dude, she was fat I fucked her back flab.
by lem December 15, 2002
311 97
Excess wheight noticed on fat people.
Ewww look at her flab!
by DizzyLizzy December 23, 2006
198 112
It is an acronym for Fat Lazy And Bored.
That person is FLAB.
by Mr89 November 04, 2009
82 43
The complete oppisite of abs, but not muscle.(its all fat)
Hey guys get those abs burnin. Coach I dont have abs I have flabs.
by Scoott McNeil January 22, 2010
23 10
if you are a bit chunky and don't have abs, then you might have flabs... those bits of fat that seem to hang in awkward places around your stomach
Woah! Check out the flabs on Kenny... He really should put his top back on
by Stephen A April 26, 2007
20 11
F Face L Legs A Ass B Boobs
Check Out That F.L.A.B On Girl That Girl
by KAILABEAR November 17, 2007
11 3