1) An abbreviation for Fat kid
2) what you call a friend (affectionately) or non friend (who doesnt know what it means) when they do something a Fat kid would do (eg: scarf down food, fail to get up stairs, breathe super hard after running a short distance, etc)
Ex 1 :(while looking at an overweight classate you dislike )
Friend 1: He told me I was ugly!!
Friend 2: Ha! are you kidding?! he's a total FK

Ex 2 : (Said to your friend while she scarfs down her burger)

Friend: haha FK moment
by Jess'sBFFWhoCantRidePixi September 02, 2010
Flag Keeper. The title used for the student of the Faculty of Environment at UW. The FK is responsible for taking care of the es flag and keeping the memory of ES alive within the ENV Crew.
I'm not the flag bearer, anyone can carry the flag... I just keep it. I'm the FK
by yeeaaaaahhhhhhh December 12, 2010
Free Kick or Foul Kick.Used in Soccer when a player commits a foul, the opposite team gets a FK.
Team "X" scored there winning goal with a FK.
by Bakhsh June 29, 2006
FK = Free Kill
Used in the gaming world
Mikki: LoL, killed a bunch of people from the behind
NoX: -.-, FK's... really nice
by NoXstar September 02, 2005
its short for "Fuck you" dumbass mother fucking hoes these days...
"Go fk your mom you ass"
by s January 28, 2005
a popular character in song.
"F-L-A-M-E-R K-A-S-E-Y" (to the tune of Mickey Mouse Club)
Oh, whos the gayest one of all; who likes crembrule?
F-L-A, M-E-R, K-A-S-E-Y.
Who thinks afghanistan is north of Canada?
F-L-A, M-E-R, K-A-S-E-Y
Kaseys GAY! Kaseys gay.
now we know who likes crembrule!
So come along and sing the song; make fun of him all day.
by webster September 19, 2003
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