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The prettiest girl you'll ever meet! She's funny, sweet, kind-hearted and everyone loves her. She's the girl who can steal your heart and you wouldn't even realize. overall nice body, good bum and boobs, long tanned legs too. Her body language and flirty eyes can easily make any guy fall for her. If you know a fjolla, you're lucky.
"have you seen Fjolla? She's looking very sexy today"

"Yea, her amazing personality and body makes me really want her"
by orihime-chan February 09, 2013
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A really pretty preppy, girly girl

great cheerleader name. Mostly for sexy girls.
the head cheerleaders name is Fjolla and she wears all the brands.
by HeartsRock June 04, 2011
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Swedish word for feminine man or homosexual. Equal to American slang "fag"
Fan, vilken fjolla Staffan är...

Shit, what a little queen Staffan is!
by gloria21 June 07, 2010
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