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Fizzy Family is a Family maintained by all people who are a "fan" Of Damon Fizzy, DeeFizzy on Youtube but instead of calling us "fans" we are called the Fizzy Family. We also accept everyone and we can help you get through hard times in Life.
"I'm in the Fizzy Family"
"Whats that?"

"Do you like Damon Fizzy?"
"Ya he is majestic..!"
"Then you are in the Fizzy Family!"


"I love my family!"
"Who is that?"
"The Fizzy Family!!!!"

"Are you In the Fizzy Family?"
"Ya! How Did you know?"
"Cause you said, Peaceskies!" (DamonFizzy Says Peaceskies)
by Lauren Fizzy December 26, 2011
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A Family that accepts you for who you are <3
Person 1: Are you a fan of Deefizzy ?
Person 2: I'm not a fan, I'm part of the Fizzy Family <3
by Allie Addiction January 14, 2012
This is Damon Fizzy's supporters. They love everyone unless they give them a reason not to. They stay positive and fight for animal rights. Damon inspires thousands of people with his message. They look out for each other too :)
"Are you a fan of damon?" "NO, Im in the fizzy family"
by FIZZYFAMILYFOREVER February 15, 2012

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