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Australian abbreviation for fizz-gig. A police informer. Usually a petty criminal who informs on others to the police in return for payment, or a reduction in penalty when he is caught committing a crime himself. Sometimes shortened to gig.
Imreckon that Bob is a fizz-gig. I saw him talking to two drug squad cops last night.

I think Bob fizzed on Tom because those cops then went to ztom's house and arrested him for drugs.
by House Martin February 18, 2013
1) Washed up cum in a pepsi bottle
Is it coke, is it pepsi.

NO it's fizz, gimme my Jizz
by Libido January 10, 2005
Fizz the Jizz; Person in batak myths.
The great Fizz.
by bathia April 11, 2004
creamy, bubbly, runny stuff that drips out of a girls pussy once she reaches her climax
Her fizz tasted very sweet and salty
by Juan Torres May 23, 2005
Asking another if you would fuck it or not...
Hey! Would you fizz it?
Hell yeah I would fizz dat....then give her a hot carl.
by J May 29, 2003