Australian abbreviation for fizz-gig. A police informer. Usually a petty criminal who informs on others to the police in return for payment, or a reduction in penalty when he is caught committing a crime himself. Sometimes shortened to gig.
Imreckon that Bob is a fizz-gig. I saw him talking to two drug squad cops last night.

I think Bob fizzed on Tom because those cops then went to ztom's house and arrested him for drugs.
by House Martin February 18, 2013
When you fart and jizz comes out of your butt hole after butt sex.
That was great butt sex last night tony! Yeah the only bad thing was that i Fizzed a little after i got home. Did you ever FIZZ john? (Not always associated with faggots sometimes hot chicks)
by Alex M., Hunter, Holden, Myles August 02, 2009
Someone fake, that talks alot .
April the jellybeans is a straight up FIZZZZ! :]
by sexmekid January 17, 2009
word for the first sip of a drink. Similar to greens when smoking the mary jane.
"I got fizz, homeshizzle.."
by D-Rizzle Fo Shizzle January 13, 2008
Urination, formally called micturition, is the process of disposing urine from the urinary bladder through the urethra to the outside of the body.
I fizzed earlier today. It only takes me 30 seconds to fizz.
by OldGregg April 28, 2008
referring to a person who is lame, a flake or has no potential, like a dud in the world of fireworks, they don't do what they are suppose to
John was suppose to meet me here two hours ago, what a fuckin fizz
If Katie stopped doing drugs maybe she wouldn't be such a fizz

by Nolan AM January 10, 2008
"the deal" as in the main focus of a sentence
"What the fizz, Tim?" Said Regan, "Yo, i'll tell you what the fizz is biach!" Tim replied.
by SpreeganDreegan December 21, 2002
A popular short term for the popular and illegal drug cocaine.
"Is there any fizz left from last night?"
"No, Ben sat up until 3am and did the lot."
by James Bainer February 03, 2006

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