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Australian abbreviation for fizz-gig. A police informer. Usually a petty criminal who informs on others to the police in return for payment, or a reduction in penalty when he is caught committing a crime himself. Sometimes shortened to gig.
Imreckon that Bob is a fizz-gig. I saw him talking to two drug squad cops last night.

I think Bob fizzed on Tom because those cops then went to ztom's house and arrested him for drugs.
by House Martin February 18, 2013
A person who do acts that is borderline within the human norms; one who brag and speaks falsely or utter untruth knowingly to build up self esteem for himself just to achieve "status" within his primary social relations; one who has no self-knowledge; one who toughens up and gets other individuals to do different tasks for them because themselves is suffering from extreme lazyness.
Jonas: Hand me that bag of chips!( With an armlength as wide Jesus himself )

Friend: Here you go, dear Jonas.

Jonas: Get me some dip.

Friend: You're such a fizz.


Friend: Can you get me a soda while you're in the kitchen, please?

Marius: I've got an extreme shoulderache, so that's a no-go! While YOU'RE getting yourself a soda, BRING me one!

Friend: You're such a fizz!
by to-be-frank August 01, 2010
soda pop
"Kid said fizz on the rocks with a straw, what are you waiting on, a flavor specification? Why don't you ask him what he'd like first, as you can view I am reading the advertisement boasting about your cuisine selections."
by noixz January 14, 2009
A friend who you only chillax with during school, as in if you were to show up at their house they'd question your motives.
Oh hai ellie, was up my fizz.
by not_a_creeper January 13, 2011
When you fart so hard you cum your pants. The act of Jizzing and farting at the same time. Can also happen when one is about to cum and lets out an extreme burst of air from their asshole. Farts can also be followed by blood or sharting
"Oh girl Im gonna come all over you. Oh god, I just fizzed, theres bloody shit all over your floor. Do you have a towel?"
by Andy Zavs April 04, 2010
when a place or person isn't as great as you thought it was going to be.
"yeah that house last night was a fizz"
by sheeezy October 18, 2009
This word has no specific definition. It it simply put in the place of other words to spice up a conversation.
Gabby; "Hey! What's fizz?? "

Dana; "Oh nothing much, you?"
by onlyinyourdreamslol June 24, 2009
a big hairy guy who walks like a princess
Israel Orange is so Fizz.
by thejatimodude February 20, 2009