referring to a person who is lame, a flake or has no potential, like a dud in the world of fireworks, they don't do what they are suppose to
John was suppose to meet me here two hours ago, what a fuckin fizz
If Katie stopped doing drugs maybe she wouldn't be such a fizz

#lame #lazy #flakey #stupid #unmotivated
by Nolan AM January 10, 2008
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Top Definition
1). To trip (to get high) on exstacy
2). To be goofy with friends
3). Something that makes a fizzing sound when wet.
Dude, u gonna fizz tonight?
by King Jeff August 09, 2005
Yo bro we out to Chipotle?

For A Fizz
#facts #factuals #true #right #correct
by KinggStephaniee June 26, 2014
The slang term for soda that is used in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. Like the Midwest has "pop"....the Rocky Mountains have fizz.
Chelsea and I are so thirsty! Hey kiki, can u pass us a fizz.
#pop #soda #bubbly #can #cola #coke #pepsi
by jumbojet11 August 13, 2007
female jizz
fizz is what happens when a female gets wet or squirts
#fizz #female #wet #squirt #sex
by saw.por.sue July 13, 2010
Australian abbreviation for fizz-gig. A police informer. Usually a petty criminal who informs on others to the police in return for payment, or a reduction in penalty when he is caught committing a crime himself. Sometimes shortened to gig.
Imreckon that Bob is a fizz-gig. I saw him talking to two drug squad cops last night.

I think Bob fizzed on Tom because those cops then went to ztom's house and arrested him for drugs.
#informer #tout #grass #gig #fizz-gig #snout #snitch #informant #criminal
by House Martin February 18, 2013
To Fizz. The female version of "jizz." In this case the act of cumming, for girls. Or vaginal secretion.
#jizz #vaginal secretion #cum #squirt #sex
by Thefizzcreator March 01, 2010
When you fart so hard you cum your pants. The act of Jizzing and farting at the same time. Can also happen when one is about to cum and lets out an extreme burst of air from their asshole. Farts can also be followed by blood or sharting
"Oh girl Im gonna come all over you. Oh god, I just fizzed, theres bloody shit all over your floor. Do you have a towel?"
#shart #fart #queef #diarhea #shit
by Andy Zavs April 04, 2010
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