character off Tv show soccer am , who has repeatedly had run ins with the Grim reaper. Type into gogole for an image.
'Like theeeeeesee' - Fixtures man
by blackmime October 12, 2004
Top Definition
A UK cult hero, courtesy of the popular TV show 'Soccer AM'. Mainly famous for:

'Boom boom boom, let me hear you say fixtures!'

'Like theeeeeeeeeese'
Dude did you see Fixtures man on Saturday? He is the best person ever.
by Bababbaba January 01, 2005
to totaly interlectual higher in the feild of english football.
to be argumentative and become enraged if not said to be correct.
"that kid is a fixtures man" or "he is never going to be a fixtures man"
by Crazy brazen February 10, 2004
A sexy biatch who never backs down when chllenged to an argument about premiership (spl and enligsh) football.
"Hey, you don't know more about football then me, i'm fixtures man" or "you no nothing, you ain't no fixtures man"
by Fixtures Man April 27, 2004
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