The punishment for thievery in certain middle eastern countries possibly includes cutting off all five fingers from the hand that stole the goods. Hence, your discounted price of $0 includes five of your fingers, or a "five finger discount".
by diesel weasel May 16, 2013
When you wrap five fingers around someone's neck and don't let go until their head explodes...



... Then you grab your bags, wave good-bye to the other customers and exit the store in a calm but swift manner.
Customer #1: "What exactly just happened?"

Customer #2: "He just used his five finger discount."

Customer #1: "Oh... Okay. Shouldn't we like, call the cops or something?"
by mydnytdeath March 23, 2012
The use of force by hand via slap or punch in order to obtain an item or service at no charge.
Hey man I'll sell you my bike for $100?

I think I'll take the five finger discount

*hard punch to the face

Thanks for the FREE bike
by The Ammunition Magician March 18, 2010
Discount applied to a person with all five fingers intact on each hand; as opposed to missing finger(s) blown off by fireworks or similar explosives.
George missed the five finger discount by two thumbs and an index finger.
by webdings July 10, 2008
1.Shoplifting a store 2.Stealing Merchandise from a store
Sam stole all the merchandise from Wal-Mart
by N/A August 14, 2003
If you can fit five fingers, you get a discount
I got the five finger discount because that ho had a loose pussy
by Rihanyce November 26, 2011
a rad song about shoplifting by choking victim
"i want to see, what's on sale what's for free"

by rudie skankster June 12, 2007
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