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1) A giant burrito including some kind of meat (carnitas, carne asada, al pastor, barbacoa, pollo, etc.), rice, beans (black or pinto), cheese, sour cream, salsa, pico de gallo, avacado or guacamole, and a cucumber slice, a lime slice, and a radish on the side.

2) An item that is used to describe or compare with a well endowed woman. An amazon woman can be described as being thicker than a 'five dollar burrito'.
1) Speaking to a waiter/waitress that knows little English, while pointing at the menu,

"I'll have the five dollar burrito, carnitas, con todo. And un Modelo Especial."

2) Two construction workers eating lunch in a work van in front of a convenience store, when one of the workers spots a hottie that is five foot ten, 145 lbs, with large breasts, a small waist, wide hips and a round ass, and long, long legs,

John: Dude, check that out! She is thicker than a five dollar burrito! ... Seems like she gave me a ride home from the bar one night...

Bob: That's my mom, fucker!

John: That's right, she gave me a ride home from your house. She damn near broke me!

Bob: Shut up!

John: Move out of your mom's basement!
by t_doffing August 10, 2009
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