The ultimate form of life in the universe it is perfection and cannot be inproved upon. They also have the ability 2 teach donkeys to ride motorbikes
Sam Fitton
by Sam .f June 01, 2003
Top Definition
A task so boring or rubbish that you just have to abandon it halfway through.
Last night I did an absolute Fitton.
by N Sage December 17, 2010
Verb: To do a Fitton is to accidentally ejaculate onto one's own face.

Happens extremely rarely during some sort of sexual act, when lying down. In the moment, bodily control is temporarily lost, and semen could be fired anywhere. When doing a Fitton, this happens to be one's own face
Did you hear about Billy? Kat gave him head, then he did a Fitton!
by J-kitchen January 18, 2011
Often linked with the word twat , dickhead , gimp etc etc
Ha theres SAM FITTON lets jump him! (everyone points and laughs
by Anonymous June 03, 2003
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