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The fitness mafia are the ones who run the supplement industry and the fitness industry. They are the ones who sponsor you favorite juiced up bodybuilder. They are the ones who make videos on how to get abs and get "toned". There the ones convincing kids you can be at 5% bodyfat year round and still put on muscle.

Ronne coleman super mega,giga,tera, peta xploding preworkout doesn't really do anything special you say? You'll be getting a visit from the fitness mafia very soon for your negative comments.

All the preworkouts and protein powders are virtually the same thing? Watch your fucking back ,the fitness mafia now has a hit on you.

You said so called natural bodybuilders aren't natural, don't actually use any of the supplements they say they do and are on every steroid imaginable? Say your fucking prayers kid,your as good as dead.
Guy 1: Hey bro just got some Arnold Super Ronnie Coleman kai green "Super pump" Electric black lightning XPLODE preworkout!

Guy 2: You know that shit doesn't really do anything unique right? Its just a bunch of caffiene and creatine like all preworkouts.

Guy 1: Wow dude your an idiot, ronnie coleman and kai green take this,im gonna get big as fuck!

Guy 2: -sigh- Another victim of the fitness mafia lies.

Guy 1: whatever dude, i also got some giga max PUMP genetically modified ronnie coleman cum whey.

Guy 2: Fucking moron.
by Scooby1961 February 02, 2014

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