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A person who gets laid alot, not neccesarily a man, or a complement, though it can be either of these.
Dude, that lady is a fitch. She has sex twice a night!
by mistaTero October 05, 2006
6 12
its ambercrombies little bitch. how come people say lets go to ambercrombie or ambercrombie & fitch?
wheres the love for fitch????
by hey what r u eating April 30, 2005
24 30
a polecat. 30's slang for a bastard, asshole, prick or liar.
Abercombie & Fitch (30's slang for a know-it-all & liar)
by Cloudesley June 09, 2004
18 24
What you tell swiss dogs to do after throwing a stick at them.
okey, fitch, lassie-adulf! No, fitch, like fire-clapper.
by Gumba Gumba May 24, 2004
7 13
A very funny woman.

Look at stand up comedian, she's such a fitch.
by Thetranslatorguy May 05, 2008
5 12
1)(V) to forcefully defecate
2)(V) to accidentally defecate
3)(N) Vast and excessive amounts of excrement
Guy #1-"Dude!!! Look at all that fitch!!"

Guy #1-"Bro, I just ate some bad apples..."
Guy #2-"Dude why don't you and fitch?"

Guy #1-"Hey dude did you hear about Mark Peterson?"
Guy #2-"No dude what happened to him?"
Guy #1-"He got punched in the stomach and fitched!"
Guy #2-"Oh dude nasty!"
by ¡Mr.T! April 20, 2008
4 11
a 'fit' or attractive young lady or 'bitch'
as cruising down the high street you may come across an attractive yung lady and exclaim;
'oi mate, check out the fitch!'
by alex jones August 27, 2003
7 14