Noun: (pl) Fitches
1. A derogatory term derived from "friend" and "bitch."

2. The worst kind of backstabbing frenemy.
Beyonce's friends secretly filmed her screwing Bob, and then sent the tape to his 70 year old mother. They were total fitches.
by pinkpanther12 March 09, 2012
(v.) To say a made up word with enough confidence to convince others it is a real word.
Fitching allowed the boy to cheat when playing the rhyming game in circle of death.
by six legged milking horse February 08, 2010
feces, especially runny, explosive feces. Similar to "shart;" if shart is the action, fitch is the substance.
I just fitched in my pants!
by Poopedem April 02, 2012
The last part of "Abercrombie & Fitch". Also, A LOT of people think it stands for "fucking bitch". The name fits the store. :)
Person 1: The owner of Abercrombie & Fitch is a fitch!!

Person 2: I know right!!
by tearbearlol November 04, 2013
To cotch with a polecat/ ferret.

'fitch' similar to 'cotch' but instead of relaxing with ones self or friends, relaxing with ones polecat/ ferret.
Up on Box Hill fitch I will.

I am going to fitch.

I went fitching.
by Snatalia June 02, 2009
A fit bitch. Can be used affectionately for close friends (1) or used offensively for enemies or frenemies (2).

Often used to express jealousy about someone you hate.
Beth: Hey, fitch!
Megan: Hey there!

Beth: Megan's such a fitch. I hate her so freaking much.
by Layla Perry February 13, 2009
a gay ass way of saying "cool". Mainly used by 16-20 year olds to describe their $300 outfit of sandals, t-shirt, and shorts.
Dude, that shirt is way fitch!
by Jeus Christ May 14, 2003

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