A very funny woman.

Look at stand up comedian, she's such a fitch.
by Thetranslatorguy May 05, 2008
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When you don't have time to call someone a fucking bitch, call 'em a fitch!
Murder: ...And after you die, I will kill your momma! *Grabs knife and starts to aim for womans head*
Woman: You fitch!
by Demzi November 30, 2004
What dogs in South Africa (pronounced "Sauth Ifrikka" by South Africans) do when you throw them a stick or a ball.
"Fitch, boy! Fitch it!!!"
by MagickDio April 23, 2010
Commonly called a "polecat", but, the fitch is not a cat, and neither is it a skunk (which is also called a "polecat"). The fitch is the wild ancestor of the (domesticated) ferret.
I sure am glad someone decided to try to tame a fitch 10,000 years ago, because I just love my sweet little ferret.
by Jill Gibb June 08, 2006
Fucking bitch
she's such a fitch

You could ay that again {bitch}
by Lé-Anne January 09, 2015
a word to say when you either want to say fuck to someone or call someone a bitch if you don't want teacher/relative to know. also a combination or fuck and bitch.
Person 1: I made out with your girl last night.
*relative/adultt walks in*
Person 2: You Fitch! Fitch you!
by Nico Bowling December 04, 2013
when you see two guys wearing wearing Abecrombie and Fitch clothing
"Hey you two are totally fitching together!"
by Lolz Cats May 28, 2011
plural for fitch:- a good looking or 'fit' young lady or 'bitch'.
i.e a fitch.
as cruising down the high street you may come across a group of attractive young women;
'oi mate, check out the fitches!'
by alex jones August 27, 2003

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