Commonly called a "polecat", but, the fitch is not a cat, and neither is it a skunk (which is also called a "polecat"). The fitch is the wild ancestor of the (domesticated) ferret.
I sure am glad someone decided to try to tame a fitch 10,000 years ago, because I just love my sweet little ferret.
by Jill Gibb June 08, 2006
Top Definition
When you don't have time to call someone a fucking bitch, call 'em a fitch!
Murder: ...And after you die, I will kill your momma! *Grabs knife and starts to aim for womans head*
Woman: You fitch!
by Demzi November 30, 2004
What dogs in South Africa (pronounced "Sauth Ifrikka" by South Africans) do when you throw them a stick or a ball.
"Fitch, boy! Fitch it!!!"
by MagickDio April 23, 2010
plural for fitch:- a good looking or 'fit' young lady or 'bitch'.
i.e a fitch.
as cruising down the high street you may come across a group of attractive young women;
'oi mate, check out the fitches!'
by alex jones August 27, 2003
(v.) To say a made up word with enough confidence to convince others it is a real word.
Fitching allowed the boy to cheat when playing the rhyming game in circle of death.
by six legged milking horse February 08, 2010
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