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A woman who wears a lot of popular store (abercrombie, holister, american eagle, aeropostale) clothes and makes fun of other people that dont wear that kind of clothing.

Allison: WOW like oh my god she is like wearing clothes from like hot topic that is so like uncool!
Katie: You relise your being a Fitch Bitch right now right?
by Steve Rock January 13, 2009
The annoyingly up themselves people who, because they wear exclusively "Abercrombe and Fitch" clothing think that it gives them a free pass to piss off the world while thinking that they are better than it
Man 1: Jesus I can't believe Tommy just snubbed the boss!

Man 2: Yeah well there was a sale of A&F and he bought pretty much everything!

Man 1: He's turned into such a Fitch Bitch
by Scourge of the Seven-Elevens July 02, 2009
A girl who only wears Abercrombie and Fitch and is a total hottie. She says "OMG" on a regular basis as well. She probably has perfect hair and has a hot boyfriend. She owns the school. =]
Ugly girl: ohhh look at that fitchbitch! I wish I could be like her. Shes perfect.

Ugly boy: uhhh yeah! I would tap that.
by lydsia December 29, 2006
A person who wears abercrombie and fitch clothing to excess.
"That fitchbitch could not look any preppier, can she?"
by Laylaisamodel August 26, 2008
A girl who wears abercrombie clothing every day of the year.

Can often be seen driving the Mercedes mommy and daddy bought her.
"Check out that fitch bitch over there with her starbucks latté"
by obey1 January 21, 2004
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