Feeling prone to fist someone.
Honey, I'm feeling fisty tonight, so spread 'em.
by Clammy MacDougal June 22, 2004
Top Definition
Adj.-slang originating from San Clemente California.

If something is "fisty" it is awesome, sweet, sick, or hardcore.

Similar to fist-worthy or Seattle's filthy.

You should use this word often to get the desired effect. When used those around should acknowledged their agreement that something is fisty, by saying it is fisty as well. One can emphasize said acknowledged agreement by firstly making a fist, then grabbing the fisted wrist or forearm. The emphasis varies on how low you are grabbing, the closer you are to the elbow the more you are acknowledging the agreement. It should be duly noted that you should never thrust the fisted arm for this is offensive, one should only use a grabbing motion while fisted arm is stationary.
Stephen:"Hey how great was that concert last night!"

Alex:"Ya dude! (insert random band) was so fisty!"

Stephen:"Ya they were freakin fisty!"

Malachi:"Thats fisty!"

Jordan:"Way fisty!"

Jordan:*grabs fisted arm near elbow*

Malachi:*returns gesture*
by Winston Q. Jorgonson June 06, 2010
Slang this version of "fisty" originates from southern California. Something that is "fisty" is defined as being awesome, hot, or hardcore. Similar to fistworthy or flithy.
Stephen:"How great was that concert last night?"

Alex:"Ya dude! (insert awesome band) was so freakin fisty!"
by Winston Q. Jorgonson June 02, 2010
AKA : FIST, FISTYPOO, MISTER FIST, STIF.... The sexiest dude on palringo chat. Fisty is ultra friendly, smart, freaky, and genuinely awesome. Fisty is well known for "fisting" folks, not as a sexual act but as a term of endearment. If you have ever or are ever "fisted" you him, you should feel very very special!
The most loving greeting one can receive is a thorough fisting from fisty
by Armpit September 04, 2014
Can also be used in conjunction with describing a female who enjoys getting fisted.
"Oh that fisty b!tch? She's probably got her legs spread somewhere, no big deal."
by Temptress August 17, 2005
A girl who is willing to accept a whole fist into her body.
John told me that Fisty was coming over for a good time!
Charissa likes to be called Fisty.
by jJohn535 August 17, 2005
An ass kisser, to the nth degree.
Girl in Opera Class: "God, Hilary is such an ass kisser."
Other girl: "No, she kissed so much ass that she isn't even an ass kisser, or an ass licker. She has surpassed even ass EATER, and ass MUNCHER, to ass fister. She is absolutely fisty."
Girl 1: "Isn't she?"
by Jannikoo March 21, 2006
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