One who wants to ram their fist down (or up) society. More generally: liberals, socialists, and communists that hold their fists up.

The opposite of Teabaggers.
1) Why don't those Fisters have their own rally instead of disrupting the Teabaggers' rally?

2) I went to the store to buy a fur coat, but the store was totally picketed by Fisters. I couldn't get past them.
by Xygonn June 08, 2011
Top Definition
One of the only 4 actual jobs in the army. Nomenclature: 13F
Fire Support Specialist
Hell Yeah!!! I'm a Fister!!!!
by wildcardman October 09, 2010
The blister type bubbles you get on your hands from fisting your own anal cavity to often.
"man I wish these fisters would clear up soon. Everyone's going to know I'm a serial arse fister.
by Ricky Foxwell February 16, 2009
full out fist to vagina action
Jay you slut dont be a fucktwat tomorrow night and just fuckin fist'er when shes not looking, and when she turns around fuckin Five Spoker
by Iron James January 27, 2004
one who can shove whole fist in tight area, usually named grandpa....
He fisted my vag. while his mommy drove us home
mr fister punched me in the vag
by kirbzdawg March 25, 2010
A person who likes to masturbate ferociously at the rate of at least 10 wanks a day.

A masturbation addict.

The Fap Master.

The frustrated Fapist
That cousin of our's, Mr Sheikh, he's a Fister.

Sheikh Sahab, the undefeated Champion of Fisters, his hand's have got blisters.
by Not a Fapper January 25, 2014
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