A machine that fists. Such machine can insert itself into the vag or more commonly, the anus - which it will then continue to pound out your insides.

Fistatron is also well known for taking things out, crushing them, and destroying them.

(Not always used in a sexual manner).
Me: I am a Fistatron! I will pummel your insides till you are no more!

Yourmom: Please... Don't!
by chriswf May 04, 2011
Top Definition
Barbed Arch nemisis of Porn Bear. Mechanical being used to initiate new members into the cult of the "porn bear". Leaves you with a red box. See www.pornbear.co.uk
"I'd like to jpin the porn bear cult"
"Okay I'll get the Fistatron out"
"Nice one Springbean"
by felchmeister General October 22, 2003
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