A sexuall position in which a man with his both hands into a fist and sticks it up a girls anal passege way violently
Am gonna fist this cunt face cock wad with fury "fist of fury"
by Penis-juice3000 July 01, 2009
Top Definition
A gentleman with a specific wank window, ie his missus has just popped next door for a cup of sugar, A mindless act of violent self abuse carried out in a sort of masturbatory red mist.
Sammy: Nick, I'm just popping next door for a few minutes
Nick: Ok honey, don't be long (but really!)
Nick to himself: Fist of Fury...engage!!! Arrrggghhhh yeaaaahhhh!
by Samick Downunder August 09, 2005
It is similar to the shocker but instead of using 2 fingers and a your pinky you use 2 fist.
I gave Kale's mom the fist of fury cause she was a skanky loose ass bitch.
by Twiztid0385 June 21, 2005
a time when a girl/guy is so upset with you, they decide that they are going to fist you, but with such intesity that you start to bleed out your ears!! after the fist is inserted, there is some long term damage when the index and middle fingers are extended twirling around moving your rectum line!
George:"if you dont shut the fuck up, i am going to give you the fist of fury"
Manuel: "i dont know, i might like that dude!! ;)"
George: "good lets start!"
by eric lucas December 24, 2003
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