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A slang term for when a female bares her genitals and squats down over another person's forhead to plant a "kiss" using her vaginal lips. The action is usually accomplished when the other person is sleeping or passed out and is commonly paired with a third person taking a picture as proof of the situation for use in teasing or blackmail after the fact.

The term was coined by three friends, Joe, John, and Ed on November 20th, 2006 while on vacation in the surfing town of Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica the morning after a night of drinking way too much Imperial beer and Cubra Libre. The inspiration for creating the term came when a young woman named Andrea from Brittish Columbia, while at the bar the night before, asked them what they would call the female version of "tea bagging." The three friends never got to give Andrea their answer but hope that one day she will stumble accross this page and realize that she was the impetus for the creation of a great sexual slang term that will live on for years to come.
Last Saturday at Brandi's slumber party, when Melissa got drunk and passed out on the floor, Brandi gave her a fisherman's kiss!
by Joe DiFalco February 10, 2007

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