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A term to describe the smell of your fingers or hand immediately after fingering a girl.
Oy mate, smell this, I have the maddest fish fingers.
i just hit second base with Gabby, come smell my fish fingers!
by James '3 balls' R August 08, 2007
36 23
The process of insterting one's finger(s) into a female's vagina (referring to the smell of the said finger afterwards).
I had fish fingers again last night with Becky.
by Mercunium August 16, 2003
56 18
It is the smell of fingers after they have been used to finger a girl's pussy. They often smell like raw fish, hence the name.
She gave me fish fingers after I gave her a hand-job.
by PdotSdashS May 08, 2006
55 28
an unpleasant smelling digit obtained from fingering a dirty, unclean geech.
That bitch Shelly left me with a fish finger last night.
by Roger Sensless April 30, 2004
37 12
Fish fingers result in the aftermath of penetrating a vagina with ones phalanges. The vaginal discharge created due to the resulting orgasm is what creates the pungent odour similar to that of fish fingers (the food) or sushi (sashimi or any other raw fish). The strength of the smell can be rated on a scale of one to ten depending on the strength of the orgasm and how much natural lubricant is produced by the females genitals. In laymens terms if your fingers don't stink your shit. And if this is the case and the woman you were with moaned, you just witnessed a fake orgasm.
Will just got some fish fingers from Georgie, they are the fishiest of all fish.
by Fish Milk February 07, 2011
25 15
Bars of gold
I want some fish fingers for breakfast
by nadia1x December 15, 2008
12 7
The practice of persuading or tricking a woman into licking your fingers after they have been inside her.
She got really pissed off when I fish fingered her.
by Fishmaster November 03, 2003
15 11