a cool, chill, nice , smart, and sexy lady. Firoz is usually a black haired, brown eyed girl. Firoz means an expensive diamond that is only found in rare parts in the world. Firoz can cheer someone up and make them feel better. Firoz is someone that can be trusted.
its called firoz

Fayrouz or furouz
Firoz is so nice and pretty. She's bomb as hell !
#pretty #nice #smart #sexy #chill #shy
by Barbie17 February 23, 2012
Top Definition
handsome man. a bit over weight. but handsome nonetheless. Extremely cool.
Dude whats up. you are a little chubby these days

yeah, i know. im such a firoz.
#handsome #sridhar #raman #rishi #cool
by biggy is alive September 30, 2010
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