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When you 'safe' someone or fist hands together
Two people see eachother and they 'firmz'
by assasinataaar June 01, 2011
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To 'safe' someone you know or someone may know
To collide fist's together
A hand gesture to greet someone, or to depart from a group of people by saying 'Firmz'
-Firmz me, im gone

-Where you off to?
-I'm hitting hydes
-Let's call it an early night then?
-Ayt, Firmz
by GRODT560 June 20, 2011
The sickest cunt you could ever imagine.
Can also be used interjectionally for the word 'cool'
If that dude was any cooler, i'd have to call him FirMz.
shit that is the FirMz. (the shit)
by FirMz April 28, 2003

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