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Very wide meaning, used to describe something as "good" in any sense.
"That kfc was firm"

"That lads nose is a firmly large hooter"
by CricketIsaSport February 04, 2014
(n) An expression of greeting, or departure. (See Safe)
Person 1: (Enters) Firms Will!
Person 2: Yo man where ya been? Firms!
Person 1: Yo I gotta go man.
Person 2: Alright geeza, firms.
Person 1: Firms.
by Will01 January 11, 2006
Also Known As Forced Induction Racing Machine.

A Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Enthusiast Club created in the summer of 2006. The club resides in San Jose,Ca where they hold various meets and events. The most popular meet is the Wednesday Night Meets behind a McDonalds Parking lot which made great success.
The FIRM guys are all informative and will help you out in any way.
by wwevo9 February 27, 2007
The male reproductive organ otherwise known as a penis.
Would you like to see my big firm?
by Andrew Jacob Malamet April 08, 2008
Substitutible in any word as a variable. Also means "very good" or "fantastic" or even possibly "phenomenal", depending on the excitement of the say-ee.
"I am firm!" or "How do you like your sausage?" "Firm."
by The Ryer Tuck May 16, 2004
can mean football holligans like in football factory but usually means a gang of organlise crime members who get together to make profit like the uk's mafia
hey the firm coming down to sought the shit out
by boardello September 26, 2004