a gang of football hooligans
by Bigmeuprudeboy September 09, 2003
Top Definition
A group of football fans defending honor of their team by fighting other firms . Every team has one , some iven have two.
Arsenal play good football but have a bad firm
by GST October 17, 2005
a group of football hooligans, usually made up of 200-300 people, but the best firms have far more than that number.
Millwall, Cardiff City, Stoke City, West Ham, etc.
by International Bad Boy October 26, 2004
A Word used by Half Moon Bay High School Students and in a coastal suburb of San Francisco and by College students in San Luis Obispo. Used to describe someone who is on a mission or takes life way too seriously.
"That's Firm"
"Chris just yelled at me because i used his cell phone, he's so firm."
"Harry is wearing his Save By the Bell fan club t-shirt, he's so firm."
by Alex Spieller May 18, 2006
A confirmation and salutation. It is used in replace of "Word".
It's meaning is a mixture of "solid" and short for "aFIRMative".
A: "Yo, you swinging by that party tonight?"
B: "Firm"
by Kid Protocol July 14, 2009
Very wide meaning, used to describe something as "good" in any sense.
"That kfc was firm"

"That lads nose is a firmly large hooter"
by CricketIsaSport February 04, 2014
Meaning final price in terms of selling things. Used on Facelist and sometimes Craigslist. If you sell something at firm it means you will go no higher and no lower, it is your final price.
Guy 1 - *Selling a pair of shoes for $30*
Guy 2 - "Will you go down to 20?"
Guy 1 - "No, $30 firm."
by finalpricebitch August 27, 2012

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