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A Firgin is a Fake Virgin. What a person would say when they don't want to admit they aren't a virgin and have a moral obligation against lying. (to parents, grandparents, people they're dating, etc...)
Shawn: "Erin, I heard you were pregnant"

Erin: "I can't be pregnant, I'm a firgin" (Crosses fingers and hopes he didn't hear the "F")

by kerrtography April 29, 2009
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firgin is a penis plant that grows up north.
I want to eat firgin with your parents

When i met her she wasn't really into firgin things but she opened her mouth and gave in.

I want to make sweet firgin in your pants. with my penis plant.
by wartoon July 03, 2008
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A Firgin is someone who has never fapped before in their life, and in some cases saving themselves for marriage. (Fabstinence)
Look at Joey over there bro he's a fucking Firgin, eww what a twat.
by nickrcole October 31, 2015
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