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a tornado on fucking fire.
holy shit look at that firenado
by croppers May 30, 2010
A fire event created by the intense heat combines with turbulent wind conditions, causing the flames to be drawn up into a spiraling, funnel-shaped wind current that sucks in burning debris and takes on the visible appearance of a tornado, and in which the internal temperature can exceed 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit or 1,000 degrees Celsius.
The combination of the 105 degree heat and fierce Santa Ana winds caused roaring firenadoes, which were captured on videotape taken by residents, as they fled for their lives.
by Ewizobeth May 16, 2014
When a tornado is lit on fire by lightning.
It will be the worst storm in 70 years, there could be firenados...
by Mad Mike 99 October 25, 2010
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