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To throw an object in an impressive of funny manner
HaHa!! Bro you totally fired that right between the ass cheeks
by WyFi December 02, 2010
Adjective= A term signifying someone looks unkempt (i.e. unshaved, unshowered, smelly). Means someone looks as if they have been fired from their job for weeks and therefore gave up on hygeine.
(Tony stands at host stand)
David: Dude, you're fired.
Tony: Your face looks fired.
Erika: Damn dude...
by curt f September 27, 2006
Term used to confirm that a sexually transmitted disease has been contracted.
Dude 1: Yo, guess who I banged last night.
Dude 2: Who?
Dude 1: Stacey.
Dude 2: Don't tell me you mean blonde Stacy that got's the monster (aids)?
Dude 1: WHAT?!!?
Dude 2: Your fired.
by B JizZle September 24, 2006
Fucking tired
Im so fired!
by Somebody June 01, 2004
used in a sentence to replace a curse word
fired! i should have known that.

she is such a fired person.
by Chase Hammer October 17, 2005