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when someone yells, "Fire Drill!" a group of people rush out of the vehicle they are seated in and swiftly change seats all at the same time. Goal: Nobody should be in the same seat as they were previously - neighboring occupants are left as a surprise.
Michael: Fire drill!
*everybody jumps out of the car*
*everybody runs one round around the car and takes a new seat*
by cassiephanda August 22, 2011
When you have flaming diahhrea (usually brought on by eating Taco Bell or mexican food in general) and immediately after, you puke.
"Man, I shouldn't have eaten that burrito earlier, I just had a fire drill."
by reaver77 March 21, 2010
When you are about to leave some place or go into a public place and you need to get rid of a beer or other alcoholic beverage quickly. You pass it around to the whole group and pound it.
Dude, we're almost at the gate, let's Fire Drill.
by Owlcoholic December 29, 2004
when you suddenly need to use the bathroom.
*while doing squats at practice* "FIREDRILL!!!!"
by anonymous!!poop September 10, 2010
A tool kept at schools the staff uses to drill flaming holes in the heads of students.
"That's it. It's the fire drill for you, Mr.Peterson."
by Pete August 20, 2003
A method for getting no-longer-wanted company up off your couch and out the door.
“Come on, Bottom, fire drill!”
“Wait, I’m not done telling you about the cool dream I had during my nap.”
“The house is on fire, Bottom! Go, go, go!”
by Bottom Ford, Esq March 08, 2014
When gingers engage in vigorous sexual intercourse.
I can't believe that you let that guy that looks like Conan O'Brien fire drill you the other night!
by gazebo12 April 25, 2012