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As seen in the 2007 movie “Live Free or Die Hard”. A Fire Sale is an assault against the United States’ government, transportation, and economy by computer hackers. Much like the more common term meaning "everything must go." Any and all computer-based systems are the objective and would destroy the modern day life of America.
The term "fire sale" is used to describe a hypothetical attack by computer hackers on vital networks. (Wikipedia)
by Heather Lyn July 02, 2007
A fire sale is the sale of goods at extremely low prices, typically when the seller faces bankruptcy or other impending distress. The term may originally have been based on the sale of goods at a heavy discount due to fire damage.

also known as a computer hacker term that is imposes the threat of destroying all financial records, public utilities, transportation and to kill the economy and stock market. as from the above definition, a fire sale is where "everything must go" which in this case are the above. in essence it is a plan designed to create chaos by destroying technology to the point where a country can't operate (since we depend on computers and technology so much)
do i need an example? i explained it above. this isn't a spelling bee. you don't need to hear the word fire sale in a sentence.
by buttahburnz August 01, 2007
A firesale is when a guy has so many women (10 or more) going after him that he has no idea what to do with all his bitches.
Guy 1: "Yo man, how's the firesale going?"

Pimp: "Dude, I can't keep all these bitches straight!"
by Wuzntlistening December 09, 2010
When you go to a party and you see nothin but busted bitches, it's like anybody can take'em home any time he feels like it. So it's as if there's a fire sale goin down. Everything must go!
Shit, homey, we done run up on a fire sale. Let's peace out and go to that other party outside of town.
by Lanky Killer May 07, 2004
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