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Derived from the Fire specialization of the Mage class in the highly successful Massively-Multiplayer-Online-Roleplaying-Game, World of Warcraft. Fire mages have a longer-casting time with spells than their counter classes. This allows the player to complete activities during casting. Activities can include but are not limited to: eating, drinking, or masturbating. There can be a combination of the above mentioned activitiess. Fire maging can be applied in WoW, but it is certainly not limited to the game.
Person 1: Yo bro, where's John?
Person 2: IDK dude, he's probably off pulling a fire mage
Person 3: Damn, y did it have to be in the middle of ICC?
by TheGloryHoleEffect December 30, 2010
1.) One who is extreamly atractive and Intelilgent.
2.) One who invoke's the sexual atraction of the oppisite sex.
GirlA: damn, that guy is HOT!!!
GirlB: yeah, he is such a fire mage!
by Fire_mage March 02, 2004
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