An ogress and princess in the films Shrek, Shrek 2, and Shrek the Third. She kicks butt at karate.
Princess Fiona: "I'm supposed to be rescued by my *true love*, not by some ogre and his *pet*!"
by 7up kid May 20, 2009
The ugliest slutty bitch. Worst friend ever, she is the type of girl to stab you in the back.
What a slut, her name must be Fiona.
by Ratchetskank September 25, 2015
term used to describe a very small penis
did you hear that guy has fíona
by trash69 September 16, 2014
a very artistic girl. she must deal with her sibling who always gets what she wants. she likes paul frank and cooking with her cousin.she is nice at times but annoying at others. she has short brown hair and is very fun to be around. she is shy around people she doesnt know but outgoing with people she does know well. she likes play fighting with her cousins and brother and sister as she likes getting rough. overall she is an ok gal
you are a pretty good artist fiona
by pinkgirly247 September 08, 2010
1. name of the ogre princess in Shrek.

2. An entity which, if given the chance, will latch onto you in a Death Hug and never, ever let go.

3. A girl who wins. Most completely.
holy crap guys look out, it's a Fiona
by Zeek_Wilde January 15, 2010
she is kind of nice but can get really mean sometimes.she gets in trouble a lot by her sibling and does not like her for it.usually you will have a lot of fun with her. she loves making things and is pretty artistic. she can be annoying at times but doesnt do it on purpose.she can make very mean jokes about people without realizing it. whenever you show her something and she wants it she might take it behind your back. overall she has good intentions and is a pretty nice girl, well sometimes
i cant figure out if fiona is nice or mean, it always changes
by pinkgirly247 September 06, 2010
The blacker she tries, the whiter she gets.
"Hey man, check out that Fiona"

"Yeah I know right, the blacker she tries the whiter she gets"
by norffy May 16, 2010
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