Fiona is name of strong Irish backround, usually blonde/red in hair colour , she's a very laid back/easy-going person but shy at first too and also very loyal, can make mistakes and bad choices at times but never ment out of nastiness, she loves to have a good time with friends relaxing and partying doh keeps her love life separate as she is a one man type of girl would never do wrong by her partner as she doesnt believe in this but she has that Irish wildness in her and quiet frankly doesn't want anyone to see her amazing sexuality when her and a partner are alone any man would live a long happy life with a Fiona on his arm, fiona's are great company and very good in helping others and given advice, she'll normally be know. As the "mammy" of her friends circle cause she looks out for every one and is everyone's bestfriend any one is lucky to be her friend as she's a good judge of character if she doesn't like you she's probably got good reason not to so worship your friend ship if you have a Fiona in your life but don't forget sometimes needs some one to look out for her
Fiona is not the type of girl you want to mess with shell let silly tings go as she's no time for childs play but bring family or friends into it and your in big trouble!
#sexy #mysterious #loveable #kind #crazy
by #fiona's origin October 23, 2013
Irish name meaning "fair, white, and beautiful"

An unbelievably beautiful girl with an amazing personality. Cares a lot about her family and school. Intelligent, energetic, and loving. Usually blonde or ginger. Stunning eyes. More of an animal person than a people person. Amazing ice skater.
She must be a Fiona
#fiona #fiova #cute #girl #beautiful
by Amelia_may28 February 20, 2013
She is beautiful all over. she is sweet, smart, and a good listener. She's really funny and kind if perverted but shhhhh you didn't hear it from me. She falls in love easily and she loves eyes and hands especially smiles. She is a very love-orientated girl.
"Woah you're dating Fiona! You're so lucky she's amazing!"
#hot #beautiful #funny #you'll love her #just do it
by Stranger;)<3 October 21, 2013
Fiona is an awesome girl. She is perky, but lacks self-confidence. She is constantly searching for love( I know it's tacky. She also is OCD and always anxious. But most importantly she has got a great ass.
I love her, she is soooo Fiona.
by oreoorea May 18, 2016
A beautiful girl who will steal your boyfriend's heart. She is not a whore though.
Her face looks like a Fiona.
by burnitdownbro May 03, 2016
A pretty girl who's annoying sometimes, but she's nice too. She is witty, blonde, and tall. Few people hate her, yet she hates many. She's a fan girl over boybands and she hates when you say that.
"Wow, she's acting like such a Fiona!"
#suave #stupid #mean #fyona #nona
by Billy Numerous April 26, 2015
Commonly found under bridges in the Scottish highlands, Fiona is a solitary creature who is always up to no good. No matter how old a Fiona grows he will always be baffled by children's tales of Princes and Dragons.
Child: Mummy who is that lurking under the Bridge?
Mummy: That is a Fiona child, you must never go near that bridge.
#fiona #scotland #scary #smelly #bridge
by Messenger of truth October 29, 2012
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