she is kind of nice but can get really mean sometimes.she gets in trouble a lot by her sibling and does not like her for it.usually you will have a lot of fun with her. she loves making things and is pretty artistic. she can be annoying at times but doesnt do it on purpose.she can make very mean jokes about people without realizing it. whenever you show her something and she wants it she might take it behind your back. overall she has good intentions and is a pretty nice girl, well sometimes
i cant figure out if fiona is nice or mean, it always changes
#nice #artistic #fun #mean #creative
by pinkgirly247 September 06, 2010
Top Definition
A very beautifull lady who never lies. Many girls wish they could be like her, and guys wish they could date her. Often the coolest person in paradise. Her mother was a hippy
1. Whoa, did you see that sexy momma? she's sooo Fiona
#awesome #jon #aruba #paradise #cocktail wieners #hippies
by Jonyboy December 24, 2006
An extremely beautiful person, inside and out. Incredible, nice, smart, and who everyone wants to be with.
Guy #1: who is that gorgeous bird?
Person #2: oh you must mean Fiona!
#exotic #fit #gorgeous #loved #smart #friendly
by CantGetWithFiona November 21, 2009
a common girls name, it is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "fair, pale, white, beautiful". It's Latin origin means "wine"
"we are going to name our baby fiona"

"fiona! behave yourself!"
#origin #wine #irish #gaelic #beautiful #fair
by queen_bee83 August 06, 2007
A girl who you can just tell is really awesome. Hot, yet approachable. She doesn't feel the need to dress like a slut, she knows she is great.
Kyle- The girl you're setting me up with sounds seriously hot, I don't know if I can handle it.
Daniel- Nah man, she's a total Fiona. She's hot, but not uppidy. Don't be intimidated bro.
#fiona #hot #awesome #hit #sexy
by M A Triple X March 29, 2011
A Gaelic name meaning "white, fair, pure."
A beautiful girl. Very bright, energetic, and loving. A bit of a bragger. Can get angry quite easily sometimes, but is usually sweet. Gets embarrassed and blushes easily and can be shut up with an inappropriate word. In no way an ogre. Usually blonde or ginger. Pretty eyes. Extremely intelligent and can be quite funny. A fun girl to be around. Dresses modestly and doesn't feel the need to be a whore. Is very sexy without meaning to be. Has flaws, but is a wonderful person.
Fred: Wow, that girl is so amazing!
Frank: Her name is Fiona.
Fred: Oh, that must be why.
#fionna #fee-oh-nah #awesome #girl #sexy
by blahblahyeah January 18, 2013
A very sassy young lady. People try to copy her, but do not succeed for the the most part. She's the best at what she does; being sassy.
Fiona: Aw heeelll nah! Don't try and be all sassy like me!
Brooke: You're right, it's too hard.
#sassy-pants #sassy #mr. sassy #sass-meister #back-talker.
by sassypants111 April 13, 2011
a girl whos really caring and loves her friends and boyfriend! once she falls in love, its true!
forever me and Fiona!
#fit #beautiful #caring #sweet #kind
by mememe1111 July 04, 2011
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