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A child that appears human and has many human characteristics.Their origins are unknown.They are believed to come from Fintmin Island which is located off the coast of Australia.Their native speech is very similar to a combination of mandarin Chinese and Pennsylvania Dutch.They have very distinct physical characteristics which allow humans to distinguish them from human children.These include,but are not limited to,pigtails mounted on the top of their heads,a pronounced tuft in the rear of their skulls(which is a mood indicator),and a distinct walk.Other known indications that the creature is a Fintmin are it's unique facial expressions,known as "the face",and it's call,"the call of the wild Fintmin".Fintmins use this call when they are in the vicinity of another Fintmin,also for other reasons that have yet to be discovered.Their favorite foods include,bananas and olives,which they place on their thumbs to provide stability for the olives.They are vegetarians with the exception of Oscar Myer beef hot dogs,known as Fintdogs.They sleep for at least 15 hours a day and when the are awake they are constantly in motion.They go from a state of wide awake to complete exhaustion in a matter of seconds in which they begin "the relentless search for nothing".
"That human baby looks like a fintmin"
by yaheardsound1 December 29, 2009
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