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Pronounced (Fin-Nell)

A Well rounded and Well figured build, To be Broad in honesty and open to compromise. Over Expressive through oral sex , overly assertive twords passion and romance. Sincere and loving,To be in shape, Defined by God, Generous with close friends and lovers. Vengeful when crossed and not easy to deceive. Easily Trusting but when broken is gone. Stubborn and strong. Wicked, Manipulation, Wickedness, Intelligent and overly witty. Well Endowed and overly Confident.Greatness, testosterone junkie ,Irish Drinker ,German Fighter, Excellent Lover, Creative, Expressive, Eager, Caring , sensitive, sweet, Tender, and Gentle.
One day im going to find my finnell.
Mom said im gonn grow up to be big and strong like a finnell

by undertanding imigrant May 15, 2008
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the act of stealing someones food either from the office refrigerator, or by distracting them while they are eating.
That asshole John finnelled my lunch today!
by Red Winged Black Bird July 05, 2010
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