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For the formality, he is co-owner of the youtube channel Jacksgap with his twin brother Jack. He a graphic designer, went to university in Leeds for a semester to study it. Now for the fangirling, he's sometimes called Finny. He uses - abuses - the word "cheeky; he and Jack have their own definition of that word which includes: flirty, cute, naughty, playful, tease, etc. This word is almost the same as "Smurf" for them.

He and his brother are also pro of Penny Boarding & like to tease us with cute pictures of them with their Pennys. What more can we ask for?

He, of course, has a smile that can brighten the days of many. In the videos he makes, his eyes are often - always - calling for sex (Some call those his sex-eyes). Those beautiful green eyes... We can say he has everything for him; a cheeky smile, soulful - sexful - green eyes, a pretty face, a british accent to die for, a twin, lots of traveling, surely many girls, the perfect height (apparently 5"11) &, obviously, a very cute ass.
- Finn Harries is so cheeky!!
- Who's Finn Harries? And what's cheeky?
- Go to Urban dictionary. Or stay in ignorance.
by RosieEllefsen April 09, 2013

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