1. A country in Europe bordering the Baltic Sea and East of Sweden.
2. A testicle piercing
1. Jerry: Paul went to Finland last month!
Mario: Lucky bastard!
2. Jerry: Paul got a Finland last month!
Mario: What was he thinking?
by jesus_cat June 14, 2007
Home of high welfare and high suicide rates. Home of strong liquor and countless alcoholics. Home of high prices and high taxes. Home of the nightless night and dayless day. Home of asocial people and social welfare. Home of mobile phones and untalkative people. Home of bad yet popular music.

Also the most Americanized country in the world.
I love livin' in Finland.
by DeadByDawn October 08, 2004
That....country....that resides....somewhere in Europe.

They have great people, great landmarks, and have great living conditions!

Surgeon General Warning: Above conditions have been imagined. Such remarks about Finland may not actually be true.

However, one thing you can definitely count on is that people will treat you like a brother, no matter what race you are.
Um, people? Santa Claus or "Saint Nicholas" was Turkish, not Finnish.
by BusinessMan July 17, 2005
The most boring country ever, even though the people are quite nice (they don't look too good though). Finland was never a part of the big viking aera, and because of that they're badmouthing the vikings and the great countries they came from.

Finland is also a rather cold country, your hands might freeze if you go there.

What a dull country...
(In finland)

Hey! What are we gonna do today?

Lets go to Norway! :D We all love that country, don't we?

Oh yeah. Finland should so be a part of Norway.

by Harald September 26, 2006
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