1. A country in Europe bordering the Baltic Sea and East of Sweden.
2. A testicle piercing
1. Jerry: Paul went to Finland last month!
Mario: Lucky bastard!
2. Jerry: Paul got a Finland last month!
Mario: What was he thinking?
by jesus_cat June 14, 2007
A nice country with beautiful nature. Everything is pretty well organised. The food is great. Education is perfect. The hospitals are like 5 stars hotels. Low criminality rate. You don't need any drugs to get stoned as the constant darkness makes you feel stoned for at least 2 weeks after you arrive there until you get used to it. People drink too much and they get ridiculous, like vomiting everywhere, pee on the street in front of other people (women do it, too, I was a witness) and give blow jobs in clubs' toilets. It's so weird, how come they always need to get so drunk to have fun or flirt. The clubs close very early. If you don't like heavy metal music, you won't be happy if you live there.
Nononono don't sit here, there is vomit all over this couch
Ohhh I forgot we are in Finland
by Mauve Muffin August 06, 2011
Finland is a great country, but it also has an asshole, the city called Turku.
Finland, land whit anus
by Turkuhole April 04, 2009
"Finland" is a code word for a place where couples ditch their friends and make out. Generally behind a building or in the bushes.
Jack: Rachel, what do you want to do?
Rachel: I dunno Jack, whatever you feel like doing.
Jack: Let's go to Finland!
Rachel: Sounds like fun, I love it in Finland!
by RachellovesJack June 22, 2010
To finish; to complete. Origins: finish=finnish=finland. Created by mark hoppus of blink-182.
Give me two seconds, I've just gotta finland typing this.
by mr. clean the mean machine April 01, 2009
Finland a contry that thinks its a part of scandinavia even though all scandinavians (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) say they are not. If you want to annoy a Finn tell them they are not scandinavian but Russian.
PS: I'm not responisble for any harm finnish people might force on you if u say they are russian.
Scandinavian: You are not a part of scandinavia!!
Scandinavian: Nah you are russian.
Finn: ARRRGGGHHHHH Do you want my fist in your face!!!! Finland is not russian!!!! *Takes out knife* MUHAHAHAHAH
by Awesome Scandinavian November 13, 2010
Finns love sports, they are just not very good at it, at least in sports precticed by any other country then themselves.

More than anything, they wish they would beat Sweden in hockey in a game that would mean anything...
Finland - Sweden 5-6 (World Cup 2003, Quarter finals, Hartwall arena, Helsinki... and Sweden was down 5-1)

Sweden - Finlad 3-2 (Olympic games 2006, Final)

Sweden - Finland WC-final... oh, yeah... Finland didn't make it and Sweden won again
by MrTeacher December 25, 2009
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