1.) A shortened term for FISH FINGERS
2.) A shortened term for Finglands Buses
"What shall I have for tea tonight?"

"What bus is this?"
"A fingys one."
by billybillyohbilly January 20, 2008
Top Definition
To get sexual with your fingers or hands.
Joe and Mary just got fingy in the room. Mary gave Joe a handjob and Joe fingered Mary.
by Astasnik November 21, 2010
your digits, fingers. But a cute name for them
you use your fingies to type
by the two of us May 24, 2006
Residual crumbs at the bottom of a chip bag that stick stubbornly to one's fingers.
"Hey, can you pass the chips?"
"Go to town, there are only fingies left."
by ladyunicorn January 26, 2015
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